Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring is on the way!

Spring is springing on Hurricane Creek

If I don't post something pretty once and a while, 

I forget why I became a photographer in the first place. Hurricane Creek is a wonderful place to see all of the Spring colors of the region. It's location on the "Fall Line" gives it a floral diversity known only along the Tibetan Plateau according to Dr. E.O.Wilson, Harvard U.

Last week I started noticing that the wild flowers are coming up much earlier than usual so I took the Canon EOS 5 D for a walk. Below is some of what I caught. Many of these are very tiny and close to the ground so they are easily missed unless you take time to smell the flowers (so to speak)

Please enjoy the reasons I do this job of protecting what I consider to be Tuscaloosa's Crown Jewel.

I was inspired by my photo mentor, Beth Maynor Young some years back to shoot Hurricane Creek and use the photos to tell the story of this wonderful treasure. Since then I have been taken to some of the worlds largest man-made disasters of this era.
Kingston Coal ash disaster
Kingston coal ash disaster
BP Oil disaster
Gulf of Mexico 05/07/10
I have to keep an eye on the beauty that surrounds me in the crazy world or I can't do the job as Your Hurricane Creekkeeper.

Huckleberries, Blueberries, Wildflowers of all descriptions are popping to open. 

Wild Blueberries
Red Maple
Silver Maple
Trillium (top) and Ginger (bottom)
Wild Azaleas
Many other species of wildflowers can be seen that I don't have names for.
Phew! Thanks for indulging me. I have to have a shot of beauty to deal with all the ugly!

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