Saturday, March 16, 2013

ALDOT misquoted?

Did ALDOT (Alabama Dep. of Transportation) misquote the truth or just not tell it the first time?

After the tornado of Apr 27, 2011, Holt was left in shambles. The city of Tuscaloosa and Tuscaloosa County both passed ordinances declaring that all damaged homes not repaired within a specified time must be torn down. ALDOT, however seems to be held to a lower level of accountability.

About 30 of those homes were purchased by ALDOT because they lie in the projected path of the Eastern Bypass. As of this writing, Mar.16, 2013, those houses are still standing. Many still have the same trees laying on them for nearly two years.

Last year, ALDOT told 3340 news that they had let the bids and were awaiting prices to come in (paraphrasing) They also told another landowner who sold to them years ago the same thing over 5 years ago. It doesn't take years to get contractors to make a bid on making money!

Below is a video of the 3340 news report from this year.

This next video is from a year ago. Why is ALDOT held to a lesser level of accountability. As a state department they should be held to a much higher level of accountability since it is our tax dollars that pays their wages.

Truth or not, you decide and then let your elected officials know what you think about this state agency that refuses to be transparent.

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