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Local Color

 Local Color

Frances Drennen co-owner Manna Grocery and John L. Wathen, Hurricane Creekkeeper

A collection of photo prints by John L. Wathen.

All photos, and framing are creations from the area’s scenic places and history. The frames are all handmade by John using repurposed wood from the tornado that struck Tuscaloosa and Holt area on April 27, 2011. Using a portable sawmill and select logs, the more interesting wood found in the local area was used. Many of which most people have never seen.

About the Prints

“Foggy Dog” was taken on Hurricane Creek in early fall.
“The Bridges” was taken from the downstream angle of the old railroad bridge and the Lurleen Wallace Bridge. A Parker Towing vessel is seen maneuvering the spans.
Foggy Dog, top  The Bridges, bottom
 “Fall Sunrise” was taken in the heart of what is known as the “M” band of Hurricane Creek (upper left)
 “Misty Shoals” is in the upper section of Hurricane Creek, known as the low water crossing.
(upper middle)
“Marshall Presley Falls” was taken in the lower section of Hurricane Creek on the Marshall property. Jack Marshall was a good friend of Elvis Presley. While playing a concert in Tuscaloosa Elvis actually came to the property for a visit and helped stack some of the rocks to make this man-made fall. (or so the story goes)
(upper right)

 “T’town Sunset” was taken at the Manderson Landing park looking south.
“Bama Belle” was taken in the Black Warrior River of the excursion boat Bama Belle.

“Walking Heron” was taken at the mouth of Hurricane Creek where it joins the Black Warrior River.
“American Kestrel / Legacy” is a bird at the Alabama Wildlife Center.  His name is Legacy. He was born with deformed talons making it impossible to hunt adequately so he has been glove trained for education purposes.No matter where you stand in the room, his eyes follow you.

 About the frames:
The lighter colored, with dark black streaks are “spalted Poplar”
Spalting is any form of wood coloration caused by fungi.

The lighter brown colored frame around “Foggy Dog” is Mountain Oak, rarely milled today.

The frames around both bird prints are Eastern Red Cedar.

The frame around “Bama Belle” is Red Oak.
Most of these trees were blown down in the tornado of April 27, 2011 and would have gone to the landfill if not for the Friends of Hurricane Creek and their successful mission of repurposing every stick of wood downed by the tornado.

The dark colored rough-cut frames around “The Bridges” and “T’town Sunset” are recycled Cherry barn wood.


All large prints are $400.00 each

The 2 smaller prints are $250.00 each

For more information, contact
John L. Wathen
On Facebook, John Wathen

Manna Grocery and Deli
2300 McFarland Blvd. E.

Suite 12

Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

Phone:  (205) 752-9955

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