Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hurricane Creek Thanks You!

The 2016 Hurricane Creek Cleanup 2016 is over and the day well spent.

Some years have larger attendance than others while some are more energetic. This year was a complete success because we had both a good sized gathering of energetic people working for Hurricane Creek and having fun in the process.

This year like every year for the last 23 years we met at Watson's Bend to begin and ended up in the same place with food on the table and great people to share the event with.

Friends of Hurricane Creek would like to extend a hearty thank you to all who came out in spite of the early rain. All of the good energy came together and blew the clouds away leaving us with a perfectly beautiful day on the creek.

There were a lot of youngsters who came out to help as well. This is what it is all about for us. Getting the kids out there with parents having fun together. Too many kids today are addicted to the button life of computers, electronic games, and TV. The way they will learn about nature is to be in nature. This type learning doesn't come in books.

Elders and youngsters alike came out on a rainy day to work for the community. Many of these folks have been around since day one and we could not do without them. We also depend on the new faces every year to keep the mission alive and on track. 

From the Friends of Hurricane Creek to all of the volunteers who cam out to help we offer you our most profound thanks for being there and making it a special day for us all!